Maison Forte (16th century) Michaugues 

Burgundy mansion, for sale €425.000


Maison Forte Michaugues

rue des forges 12 58420 

Maison Forte

Welcome to the epitome of elegance and charm nestled at Rue des Forges, Number 12, in the heart of Michaugues. Behold Maison Forte, a resplendent country estate that graces the Burgundy landscape with its sheer magnificence.

This stately mansion, or should we say, the epitome of refinement, beckons you with its majestic presence. As you approach, the grandeur of Maison Forte unfolds before your eyes, a testament to its bold design and architectural prowess. The imposing facade gives way to a world of luxury and comfort within.

Step into the vast expanse of the main salon, a room of grandeur where memories are made, and stories unfold. The ambiance is both regal and inviting, with ample space for gatherings and soirées. A culinary haven awaits in the expansive kitchen, a hub of activity and the heart of this splendid abode.

Ascending to the first floor, discover two opulent bedrooms, each boasting a private sanctuary in the form of an en-suite bathroom. The epitome of luxury living, these bedrooms offer a tranquil escape with views that extend over the captivating Burgundy landscape.

A distinctive feature of Maison Forte is its annexed tower, a charming addition that houses a practical utility room, a captivating library, and a cozy nook for relaxation or contemplation. This tower adds a touch of whimsy and functionality to the residence, creating a harmonious blend of history and modern living.

Throughout the house, the decor exudes charm and sophistication. Majestic fireplaces grace the living spaces, creating an atmosphere of warmth and comfort. Every corner is a testament to the meticulous attention to detail and the artistic flair that defines Maison Forte.

But the allure of this estate doesn't end there. A detached outbuilding stands proudly, offering a self-contained haven that can serve as a guest retreat. Imagine the joy of hosting friends and family in this separate dwelling, providing them with a sanctuary of their own.

In summary, Maison Forte is not just a house; it's a lifestyle. It's a celebration of the finer things in life, an ode to sophistication, and an invitation to immerse yourself in the splendor of Burgundy living. Make Rue des Forges, Number 12, your address, and Maison Forte your home. Embrace the allure of a life well-lived in this exquisite estate, where every moment is a masterpiece.

This all could be yours for €425.000


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